How to Buy

It is very simple just follow these steps:

1. Register as a user with your details and complete address (Name, address, zip code, phone, email) and a password so you can log in with your user code and password.
       1.1 You also can register with your Facebook, Paypal or Google+ account, only click in the button in the website left side.
       1.2 You also can buy as a guest.
2. Select the products that you like on the web and confirms the order.

3. Choose the payment method you want, well or card payment, paypal or bank transfer.

3.1 Payment by card or security system 3DSecure (Valid for Visa and Mastercard)

If you choose credit card you have to put the data on the card and PIC (Personal Identification Key) provided by the bank for the purchase is confirmed. This is because 3DSecure. 3DSecure is called "Verified by Visa" for Visa, and "SecureCode" in Mastercard. This system prevents fraud type CNP (Card Not Present), ie fraudulent credit card payments without actual presence of the card (eg number of stolen cards).

The aim is:

  • reduce scams online stores.
  • reassure customers with their payments.


The process is very simple and similar to the present.

1- When you choose the mode of payment by credit card will be asked the number and expiry date as yet.

2- At this point a screen will pop up that the bank will ask for your password. Subsequently the secure server, the bank gives the confirmation that everything is correct.

How to get the secret key?

You can get your password through the bank or that issued your card. If you are a customer of electronic banking in most cases you can order online card activation. For any questions please contact us.

3.2 If you make a transfer to our bank will automatically send the account number for you to make income.
We'll send you an email to confirm the payment and the order is ready to go to the address you indicated us.

3.3 Paypal

PayPal gives you the flexibility to choose which source of funds to use in each transaction. You can link your PayPal account to your bank accounts and your credit or debit card and choose which source of funds does better during the purchase process. You can also transfer money to your PayPal account and pay with your PayPal balance. With PayPal, you have the freedom and the flexibility to pay the way that suits you, always keeping your financial data safe.

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It's that simple.

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