Rebajas 2020

There are 3 payment methods:

  • Credit card:

    With payment by credit card, you get a form of immediate payment, totally safe and verified directly with the BBVA system. All payments made via this form are subject to Secure Electronic Commerce System based on the card issuer (bank or savings) identify the cardholder before authorizing the payment over the Internet and should be we accepted will be sent automatically and instantly.
    So the purchase is automatically made at the time of ordering.
  • Transfer bank:

    You must make a deposit or a bank transfer to the account you indicate from Medinapiel by the total amount of the order (the total sum will appear on your screen before confirming your order).

    In the transfer you must include the order reference (this is automatically assigned by the system at the end of the realization of the same).

    It has 3 days to make payment by bank transfer according to instructions that will be sent by email when ordering. If after this period no payment verification, it will be canceled automatically.

    Important: Orders are not sent until the transfer / income is not effective in bank account. Items orders are reserved for working 24h, after this period, if you do not send proof of income / profit Transferred by your client panel, to the effect; the material will be released.

    CODE QR with the number account for BBVA for transfers

    NEW IBAN FORMAT: ES72 0182 0785 5402 0153 7541

    Medinapiel S.L.

    CODE QR with the number account for Banco Santander for transfers

    NEW IBAN FORMAT: ES89 0049 0204 6221 1040 9106

    Beneficiary: Medinapiel S.L.

    CODE QR with the number account for La Caixa for transfers

    NEW IBAN FORMAT: ES37 2100 1216 1202 0000 4418

    Beneficiary: Medinapiel S.L.

  • Paypal:

    It is disponible to all countries.