Rebajas Verano 2019


In 1983 we started with a small leather workshop in order to distribute made leather garments, we gradually increase the offer to other skins and other audiences. 1987 was an important date in our short history as Medinapiel grows, creating a new retail space where not only fur but are distributed sections to footwear, fashion and accessories for the whole family expand. But we have always maintained the Skin as the main focus of our business and this has made us, today, after 30 years, a benchmark for 1st level across the country.

In Medinapiel highly value people who have made this project possible. At the extraordinary team, which also largely consists of women.

Our team consists of professionals from the fashion, marketing and new technologies. This makes us to fulfill our goal of being a leader in fashion (especially skin) and offer our customers the best service and consider each client as unique.